Journey into Prehistory

Today’s post I will dedicate especially to parents and children. But it will belong to those who would like to find themselves hundreds of millions of years back in time. When the gigantic lizards moved around the Earth and a man did not stand on the top of the food chain. I’ve got a tip for you to a trip a bit behind the Czech border – to the DinoPark at Bautzen.

Two hours’ drive from Prague and you are on the spot. You enter into a huge park full of models of life-size dinosaurs. I have to admit that this park is a bit of my heart affair. With my parents, we came here on the first trip, which I remember as a child. It was in the summer of 1989 just before the Velvet Revolution. With Škoda 120 of my grandfather we felt like lords. The second time, in 1994, already more like poor people. From the era of communism East Germany has raised much faster than we are. Škoda was not as poor relation in comparison with all those Audi, BMW and Mercedes, was more like a dinosaur. Unlike others, we were still mired in the mud of prehistory. But me and my sister did not care, we were just on a trip.

The third time I was in DinoPark last year, after 21 years since the second visit, incredible! A lot has changed. Park has grown, its image is naturally adapted to the 21st century and became more attractive for families with children.  Kids really enjoy it here, believe me. Anyway, because of sentiment  I was looking for my “old” friends. And I found them! The original exhibits have remained, although in a new outfit. A possibility to reminisce about my childhood was priceless.

All in all for € 30 / admission for 2 adults + 2 children / have an enlightening entertainment for kids for the whole day. At the same time children can play in various climbing frames and monkey tracks and you can also eat in the area. What is missing to perfection is that the info signs are not in Czech. And when you investigate a little more time, so you can go to a nearby Dresden on purchases.

Watch me and have a great time!

Retro vs. Present

See more photos

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