Eat, Pray, Love

If I had to write a post “next 10 things you should know about me,” so one of the things would be “movies quite often affect my travel destination”. So I invented this section. I wonder where it will lead and if eventually end up in the dustbin of history :-).

To the point…

Get to the point is not easy for me, you  know my style :-). But I should think about myself. Here I am not writing a diploma thesis, how to bore the reader’s pseudo-philosophical reflections on intrapsychic conflicts of the heroine of the film Eat Pray Love. Her intrapsychic conflicts were similar to mine. So much for the theme, why the movie fits me like a glove. And now I’m really getting to the point.

Eat, Pray, Love and all on Bali

You might think, what I see on film. It’s a terrible cliche and fetched (yeah, all you can afford to solve up your post-divorce depression and finding yourself traveling to different corners of the planet). But you know what, I do not mind. When I am watching that movie, not only that it’s quite a personal thing for me, but mostly I have at the moment a horrible taste to be in all those places. I immediately would like to dine in a cozy restaurant in Rome (that I have fulfilled), paying attention to mental health in India and especially I want to eat, pray, love in Bali. Even I can imagine myself on the bike (!) as passing through the rice fields around Hindu temples along the road to the volcanoes on the horizon.

kolo II

At the same time poetic and comic idea it is, isn’t it? Or I’d lounged in a comfortable chair watching the happenings around and sipping a good drink. This is about more is similar to how I perceived the world :-). Love, I took with me. There I would just looked calm. Although I hear from many sides that Bali is a factory for tourists, so I answer it. It’s my dream and I dreamed that when I’ll in Bali, so others will be elsewhere.

What there?

Mainly I want to be constantly in a process of unending inducing of a feeling of maximum comfort with all available means.  To do this I will be lots of use my taste buds and and I’ll roll the eyeballs of all the beauty around, about which I never dreamed of. I’m kidding, dreamed :-). And here is only a fraction of what I have just seen!

1. Ubud /Photo:
1. Ubud /Photo:
2. Padang Padang Beach /Photo:
Pura Bratan
3. Temple Pura Ulun Danu /Photo:
4. Waterfall Git Git /Photo:

Eat, Pray, Love. In what order you want, I leave it to you. Why not make it of a three inspirational motto for life, with exaggeration a philosophy of life. It certainly makes sense. And I want to strive to fulfill, although it seems superficial. But how long you can live without love, without nourishment of body and soul?!?

Watch me and have a great time!

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