Do you like a Hammer?

PORTO// 23.6.2016

Walked 11,69 km

By chance we planned our trip to Porto on a day of ‘Festa de São João’. In Portugal, it is an important festival and in Porto takes place a huge street party, one of the largest in Europe. We did not know what awaits us and it was great. So read something about it 🙂

The entire city is having fun on the street. People turn into a huge moving mass and you become part of it, otherwise you have no chance to get anywhere. So you sail on the wave and take the general merriment. There is a barbecue, there is dancing and you are experiencing incredible collective joy when someone manages to get raise lantern luck.Over time, there are dozens in the night sky and look like moving stars. It’s really beautiful. Something so simple and it will take your breath away.

And it may happen that whoever hits you over the head with a plastic hammer. Knock to the head from left to knock the right, again and again. First, you frowning and do not nothing. So now you do not really matter, when you see that in this way beat everyone. With the advanced hour of the night have guts even those who before midnight fireworks display held back. And no wonder. It brings a certain catharsis when the hammer around you wave like Thor :-). When Thor still strengthens beer that offers stalls on every corner in the city, so it begins to be just fun. Finally, I shall be subject – how to taste beer, as well as the taste of someone to take over the head, so my boyfriend have to get a hammer. Already well equipped we will once again become part of the crowd and knocks everyone indiscriminately. Um, of course gently.

All for about fifteen minutes to stop tapping with hammers while watching fireworks. Because did not know the city well at the moment, so we unfortunately chose the wrong place to stand, and that is why we saw the fireworks a little. It’s a shame, and another reason why in addition to the Porta return it?

When the fireworks ended, entertainment is being continued until the early hours. We stayed for about a half to three and we went at best. The Portuguese simply knows how to have fun, it can not be denied. For me it was an experience particularly in how such a mass street party may be ordered and dispenses with unnecessary expressions of aggression. On the other hand, the second day the city looked like one big dump.

Why hammer, I asked? Also, why do they put the flowers of garlic in my face?  Hammer ritual was introduced relatively recently in celebration, while herbs belong to these celebrations for several centuries. That is all for one purpose – to bring happiness, health and love. So if the amount of it all will be measured by how many times hit me in the head, how many hammer blows I put and how many times I’ve suffered garlic in my face, so I will live happy and in love about a hundred years.

So do not hesitate to come for allotment, if you feel like you’re missing something from it.

Watch me and have a great time!

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