BERLIN// 1.4. – 3.4.2016

Today’s post I want to return four months ago, when I was with my girlz in Berlin (oh yeah, that time flies). So, this article actually repaid the debt to them and to me. Because let Berlin unnoticed would be a sin. Firstly, because it was my first trip beyond the Czech Republic after the new year. Also because this trip was given as a birthday gift to one of girlzz. And  not least because Berlin is a great city!

When you are going on a trip to a larger number of people (we were in 6), it seems to be the ideal to stay in the hostel. In Berlin there are a lot of hostels and plenty to choose from. We booked a room for 6 with private bathroom in ONE80 ° Hostel, which was a short walk from Alexanderplatz. Room size pea pod was clean and functional, super choice for a decent sleep.

I have to admit one thing, sorry girls … Well, we’re planning to visit a lot of clubs in Berlin. We searched of the best clubs on the website. We even signify them on Google Maps. You can probably guess, when I mention this here, as it probably did. We did not go anywhere at all. Our nightlife was limited only to the area of our room when we decided to humble two bottles of wine. Perhaps it was a party hard, from midnight I did not remember anything 🙂 Once you go to Berlin, so you certainly will not be so lazy as we were. So please visit the clubs and let me know.

If you are in Berlin for a few days as we were, so you stand before choosing what to see and how the Berlin experience. Fortunately, we had it clear because the birthday girl was in Berlin for the first time! So we had to visit the main sights, which wrote history. Girls first wanted to know the city by bike, which would certainly be for the purposes of this article more interesting. But in the end nothing came of it because I have an aggressive allergy to pedaling :-). Enumeration of what we saw, I will not bother you. You can check it in photo gallery. But a few things I would like to mention here.

  1. Night visit to the TV tower. During the day you can expect endless crowds, but at night it’s a different story. And the view of the luminous Berlin is unforgettable. I definitely recommend to buy tickets in advance.
  2. Primark – jungle that is necessary to cut through the sharp elbows, so here entrance at your own risk. I gave up after a while. COS won for me. I experienced the ecstasy one after the other, but not much time to be excited.
  3. Do you want to have a really great breakfast in Berlin? So go to small cafes just below the TV tower on Alexandrsplatz (next to Starbucks). Taste the queen of ice cream in Häagen-Dazs Café near the Brandenburg Gate.

In Berlin I was second time, but that did not mean anything major. Berlin is constantly evolving. The city has a different atmosphere in the winter, another in spring. A place that formerly was empty, now occupy cranes and new construction. Unfortunately, the changes affected the East Side Gallery. Because of the obsession some people will be forever immortalized here, freedom of movement had to give way the steel fence.

Also, a place experiencing differently when you’re there with someone you love. We managed to make our friend happy and fulfilled her dream. So at that time Berlin was the best place in the world, whether we spent time here in any way, and I would not want to be elsewhere.

Watch me and have a great time!

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